My Story


Katie Coleman Owner, RN-BSN, Richmond, VA

Having earned my bachelors at Simmons College in Boston, I moved to Virginia to escape from the cold North East.  I landed my dream job as a labor and delivery nurse 15 years ago and I am still humbled as I watch the magical moment when a woman becomes a mother. During my first pregnancy, I made the life changing decision to see a midwife for care. I knew nothing at the time of the herbs, tinctures, and essential oils that she used during my pregnancy & birth, but I promised myself that I would learn them.  Soon after, aromatherapy became a passion of mine and I began making my own natural bath oils, perfumes & candles. Now I am now the owner of Iris Co., the mother of 4 boys and I still work part-time as a nurse.


This company was first established in 2010, by, myself, Katie Coleman & a fellow colleague & friend, Erin Hill.  As two labor & delivery nurses, we ventured into the business world, with our initial objective to create aromatherapy products to support pregnancy & childbirth.  A lot has changed & evolved since then!!!

During the first few years, a solid foundation for this company was formed and the name Iris Co. was created to incorporate all the exciting changes which have occurred.  A line of safe & natural skin care products for all women was developed.   In addition, unique & caring items were crafted to support women during the special moments in their lives.

Now, as the sole owner of Iris Co., I am committed more than ever in providing a company that supports, educates & celebrates womanhood.  Iris Co. will always remain a company of honesty & integrity that is committed to her customers, the environment & exceptionally high standards.

**New products, new ideas, and even a new look, are on the horizon, please stay tuned…and tell a friend!

  • My specialty lotions, body oils, butters & room sprays are made from only the purest of ingredients (Paraben-Free, SLS-Free, Gluten-Free, & Vegan).
  • I never use artificial coloring, perfumes or fragrance oils. My beautiful blends smell as nature intended and have not been altered or enhanced.
  • My products are Cruelty-Free & have never been tested on animals.
  • I use recyclable bottles & jars, ship products with recycled paper/packaging supplies & buy locally whenever possible.

I hope you enjoy Iris Co. products!