(drum roll) Our newest addition…First Moon Kit!


Many of you are aware that we are Women’s Health nurses (Labor & Delivery to be more specific) and that we like to spread the good word about healthy living every chance that we get.  Well one of our many late-night brainstorms/discussions was about young girls and the social & physical changes they go through.  Personally, as the mother of THREE future teenage girls, this is a topic very close to my heart.  Or in other words, I am trying to prepare and learn as much as possible from the wise women around me who have traveled down this road already!  Thus…the FIRST MOON KIT was born.

What is it?

A unique gift for young girls (and mothers or aunts or whoever is traveling this path with them).  The Kit includes:

– yummy Soy Candle made with essential oils to burn when she needs some aromatherapy, centering, relaxation…

– adorable bracelet or anklet (your choice) containing gemstone beads that balance hormones and possess other awesome powers!

– Handmade Flaxseed & Lavender Compress to heat for cramps (also able to use cold) *funky, fun fabrics used!

– Handmade pouch for her “first moon accessories” *matching fabric to compress

– Moon Oil, a fabulous blend of essential oils to rub on low belly or back for cramps (*where was this stuff when I was a teen?!)

– Lavender Mint roll-on to carry in her purse/bag for some on-the-go fragrance

– Informative Cards including Why you get your period, puberty info, how long it can last, internal/external anatomy, yoga positions to help.  *these cards are BASIC & GENERAL

This journey is an important one, but often embarrassing and confusing for both the adult and young girl.  We get it!  This kit will assist you both, to alleviate the stigma and embarrassment that has become the norm these days. Encouraging her to understand and respect herself and her body NOW will promote self-esteem and admiration for her body as she continues maturing into womanhood.

So spread the word, celebrate the change (or at least know you are not alone) and Enjoy giving a gift that will support everyone involved on this journey!


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