(drum roll) Our newest addition…First Moon Kit!


Many of you are aware that we are Women’s Health nurses (Labor & Delivery to be more specific) and that we like to spread the good word about healthy living every chance that we get.  Well one of our many late-night brainstorms/discussions was about young girls and the social & physical changes they go through.  Personally, as the mother of THREE future teenage girls, this is a topic very close to my heart.  Or in other words, I am trying to prepare and learn as much as possible from the wise women around me who have traveled down this road already!  Thus…the FIRST MOON KIT was born.

What is it?

A unique gift for young girls (and mothers or aunts or whoever is traveling this path with them).  The Kit includes:

– yummy Soy Candle made with essential oils to burn when she needs some aromatherapy, centering, relaxation…

– adorable bracelet or anklet (your choice) containing gemstone beads that balance hormones and possess other awesome powers!

– Handmade Flaxseed & Lavender Compress to heat for cramps (also able to use cold) *funky, fun fabrics used!

– Handmade pouch for her “first moon accessories” *matching fabric to compress

– Moon Oil, a fabulous blend of essential oils to rub on low belly or back for cramps (*where was this stuff when I was a teen?!)

– Lavender Mint roll-on to carry in her purse/bag for some on-the-go fragrance

– Informative Cards including Why you get your period, puberty info, how long it can last, internal/external anatomy, yoga positions to help.  *these cards are BASIC & GENERAL

This journey is an important one, but often embarrassing and confusing for both the adult and young girl.  We get it!  This kit will assist you both, to alleviate the stigma and embarrassment that has become the norm these days. Encouraging her to understand and respect herself and her body NOW will promote self-esteem and admiration for her body as she continues maturing into womanhood.

So spread the word, celebrate the change (or at least know you are not alone) and Enjoy giving a gift that will support everyone involved on this journey!


Recovery Oil: Sore Muscle & Joint Therapy


Our first Spotlight is (drum roll….) – Recovery Oil!  DSC_4889_edited-2

Why are we starting with this one?  Well, whether we are ready or not, summer is upon us. Warm weather, pool openings, cookouts, and lots of summer  activities.  I, for one, have just had my “season opener”, if you will, and while I try to stay in shape all winter, the first long race is always a wake-up call – so Recovery is a must on my bathroom shelf!

Why we created it:
As I mentioned, I’m a runner.  Like a million other women out there, I run to stay healthy, keep my sanity, de-stress, eat the extra 4 servings of guacamole (yes, I have a problem) and because it just feels good to me.  My legs, more specifically, my hips might disagree.  They have been cursing the long runs since I gave birth to my last little one.  I needed something (natural, of course) to use as a peace offering to them, so Recovery was born.  Along with my chiropractor, Recovery is the reason that I am able to push myself up the trail or around the last track lap and still get up & go the next day.  Three cheers for the benefits of essential oil!

How to Use:
Recovery is best used after the shower (or ice bath, ouch!) – apply while your skin is damp and then towel dry.  Double benefit: your skin will be super soft as the oil and water absorb and the essential oils in Recovery will also begin penetrating your muscles and joints to ease the aches and pains.
Feel free to use it on dry skin too (just know that your skin may feel a bit slipperier then if applied wet).

Other Uses:
I discovered that this stuff is also fantastic at fixing “growing pains”!  Now, some say these are not real, but if you have a child with these, you know all to well that they are.  The 3 am wake up from agonizing cries, gripping their shins – it’s very real.  Not wanting to stuff more Motrin or Tylenol down my child’s throat, I reached for the Recovery and starting massaging.  To my surprise, the cries stopped and snoring began.  I have been using it to treat my kids aches and “growing pains” ever since, with great SUCCESS!
*Please note that we do not recommend essential oils be used on really little ones without talking to their provider first – thanks.

What’s in it:
Little known fact that many of the “italian herbs” have anti-inflammatory properties, So…the Rosemary & Marjoram will assist your body in moving the fluid that builds up, while the Cypress & Vetiver work to help with pain relief.  There are a few other goodies in there too, which make this oil smell Clean & Refreshing!
Don’t forget…it’s “clean” too – NO chemicals, preservatives or yucky stuff either!

*even though we are a company for women, this is by far my husbands favorite “go to” after his mountain bike rides.

~Enjoy the goodness!