Birth Necklaces

Birth Necklaces

$31 ea.


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Whether you are hosting a Blessingway or just want a special gift to give…Birth Necklaces are both beautiful and meaningful. Given to the mother-to-be before birth, she wears it until her child is born. It serves as a constant reminder of the love that surrounds her on this journey. Necklaces can be worn after delivery too, as the natural properties of the stones will continue to benefit her in the postpartum weeks.

  • Your necklace will be custom-made & hand-crafted on a nylon string with a toggle clasp to secure. Each stone chosen holds physical properties that are unique to each mother’s needs.
  • With each necklace, you will receive a personalized notecard indicating your stones, the meanings of each stone, and why they have been chosen.
  • In order to personalize each birth necklace, I kindly request some personal information at checkout.
  • Examples of previous necklaces are shown. If there is a necklace that you like or a style you prefer, please mention this at checkout and I will try our best to accommodate your request.

“This necklace was special for so many reasons…it was unique to me & my journey, contained stones that brought me strength, courage, love & power, and provided me with something physical that I could touch and look at during the difficult parts of my labor.”

-T. E. (Virginia)